blessing of giving

Addicted to Jesus operates from the generous giving of our Partners. 

Partnership is a real Bible concept! The Apostle Paul prayed with joy over the Philippian Church "because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." Philippians 1:5

Many people even partnered with Jesus in the work He began and we are finishing. Luke 8:2-3

The Apostle Paul asked the Romans (Romans 15:24) to help send him on his way to preach the gospel where Christ was not named and so we would ask YOU to consider parterning with us that we too may bring Christ to those who have not heard. Would you send us? Would you partner with Addicted to Jesus, International?

The blessing for giving goes beyond this life as the promises for giving with a cheerful heart, benefit not only this life, but also the life to come! What a deal!