how to become a partner

Partnership is easy to begin. Simply go to our donate page and begin giving. If you want to automate your giving, simply fill out this form here

We are asking our partners to really help us in the work in these three ways:

  • Praying for AtoJ: Money answers a lot of things naturally, but spiritually, prayer is the only thing that’s going to get the job done! We will find ourselves in some pretty tenuous situations that only God's hand will be able to handle. We covet your prayers as we trample on all the power of the enemy and work to loose those whom Satan has bound. Money can't do these things. Only your prayers can. We'll find ourselves in need of divine protection at times and your prayers will be the answer. Thank you for praying for AtoJ.
  • Giving to AtoJ: The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:10 "but money answers everything." In relation to so many of the practical things it takes to do the ministry, this statement is very true. Like we mentioned above, it doesn't answer spiritual things, but so often spiritual things don't happen without the finances to make them happen. You've heard it said, "The Gospel is free" and that is true, but the pipeline to get the Gospel to people freely often takes money. Your partnership in finances is crucial to the work. Thanks for giving!
  • Mobilizing for AtoJ: Mobilization simply means you share Addicted to Jesus with others that they too might join in the work. You may know some people who would love to abound towards a work impacting un-engaged people groups in the Middle East and Central Asia, so as a partner, you can mobilize for us. If all our partners were mobilizing for us, soon our partnership base would swell and much more can be done in the work. It's true team-work and it's going to take many team members! Thanks for telling others!