our history

Addicted to Jesus began when I was about 14. That is when the 'addiction' started.

When I received the Holy Spirit at 14, a fire for God and His word was ignited in me. I had a new desire to see people born-again, and the flame has only grown brighter and stronger over the years. Little did I know that it would lead to all of this. 

It wasn't until I turned 16 and lost my mom to cancer that I really started growing spiritually. It was in that dark place that God sent a man of God into my life who began the process of discipling me.

It was on a short-term mission trip to a Navajo Indian reservation in the summer of 1996, that a ministry to the nations was born.

I knew God called me to "full-time" ministry on that trip and I didn't look back.

After graduating from the missions group at RBTC in 1999, I returned to Twin Falls, Idaho and began to serve the very man whom God used to disciple me!

In September of 2001, I moved to Boise with my Pastor and his wife to help them start Life Church. I served in many supportive roles throughout the years. In order to pursue the vision God laid on my heart when I was 17, I stepped away from my role at Life Church in August of 2010.

God brought me my beautiful wife, Jennifer, while serving at Life Church and we married the summer of 2005.

Since then we have added two more boys to the family and have been pursuing the call of God together. We look forward to a lifetime of serving the Lord in the fields that are "white for harvest."

We are 'HOOKED' on Jesus...what about you? Get "hooked" today!